MOVAL s.r.l. is a leader in the manufacture of hot-pressed brass parts, which are processed by our transfer machines according to the customer’s specifications.
The high professional skills and experience of our technical staff, constantly oriented to research and development, provide MOVAL’s customers with unfailing support in the shared cooperation for the development of new designs and for the improvement and industrialisation of the parts they need.

For MOVAL, these are not just words: our figures are the best guarantee for our customers.


1 – is the priority MOVAL gives to its customers as a guarantee.

40 – years of experience in the field of brass fittings and valves for LPG, technical and medical gases.

1992 – the MOVAL foundation’s year, a company that can now boast on deep knowledge in the sector of metalworking and industrial.

2002 – the year MOVAL’s manufacturing process was certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001.

Experience and technological innovation mean a multitude of extremely accurate customisation options and optimum combinations.

This is a certified, widely recognised guarantee.


Thanks to the great skill achieved and well-established over the years, Moval is in a position to reply efficiently, quickly and duly to the customer’s requirements.

The deep knowledge about hot pressing and brass machining business, the design flexibility, the special custom-made production, the reliability of the steady high quality production department, together with the top-grade suppliers selection, the ongoing staff training, to grant the finished products delivery and the after-sales service, are the real Moval’s strength .

All the production process complies with UNI EN ISO 9001.