a family tradition

Since the birth of our company, almost 30 years ago, Moval’s policy has always been dedicated to analysing processes and improving them, in order to satisfy all customer requirements. The continuous trust and solid partnership built up over the years with our customers give an evidence of our work mentality.



On one side we believe that quality should be oriented on the achievement of quality standards referring to the existing rules and on the other side we assume it should be tailored to each customer requirements or even to the specific project. Tailor-made quality for us means sharing control objectives according to scheduled intervals, on specific dimensions, in order to carry out, if necessary, corrective actions guaranteeing specific requests for each single piece of each single lot.



After several working years we have well understood that human resources are the first asset to achieve total quality objectives. For this reason, in addition to the continuous investments in machinery, automation and equipment, we have always invested in staff training and quality awareness.

In 2002, MOVAL’s manufacturing process was certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001.

Quality effective

and efficient

The quality management system, like other business processes, is always subjected to continuous tests which aim to optimise it and make it tangible to the customer. Every year we set new specific and measurable objectives in order to optimise the controls at every stage of the process: from the realisation of the moulds and of the tooling equipment to the metallographic checks on raw materials, not to mention the controls in the production phase and on the finished component.


  • Plumbing and heating
  • Water treatment
  • High pressure cleaners
  • Refrigeration
  • GAS
  • Firefighting
  • Automotive
  • Other branches

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