In over 30 years of experience we have acquired a specific know-how in different branches of application, realising hot forged components machined by transfer machinery from 15 grams up to 2 kilograms in weight. While providing a constant support to your technical team, we have carried out over the years separate procedures for various component applications, identifying specific requirements and optimising processes in relation to the product end use.

Plumbing and heating

We develop bespoke hot forged brass components machined with CNC transfer machines for the plumbing and heating branch. Starting from your technical drawing, we support your technical team in order to optimise and provide the best product industrialisation. Over the years we have produced components for safety valves, heat meters, ball valves, radiator valves and water pumps.

Water treatment

For water treatment, we develop brass components for products such as water filters and polyphosphate dispensers. In collaboration with your technical team, we analyse the available specifications and optimise the product industrialisation in order to guarantee maximum quality and cost optimisation.

High-pressure cleaners

We produce brass components for high-pressure washing such as lances, safety valves and fittings. Because of the high pressure, which each single component has to withstand in this application branch, the manufacturing precision of each part is a crucial step for the development of a high-quality end product. Therefore, the support of our technical team becomes strategic in order to identify the best engineering process and provide scrupulous quality controls.


For the refrigeration branch we produce brass components such as valve bodies and fittings. In a branch where it is necessary to preserve the integrity of gas flows and avoid micro leaks, the quality of each single component becomes strategic. For this reason, Moval supports you in the production of the brass parts you have developed, arranging quality and metrological checks, which ensure you the best possible result.


Concerning the gas branch, we produce brass components such as LPG cylinders, safety valves, meters and pressure re­ducers as well as high-pressure fittings for gas cutting and gas welding processes.


With regards to the firefighting branch, we produce valve bodies for fire extinguishers, brass parts for hydrants, sealing cones, shut-off valves, ring nuts and high-pressure fittings where efficiency is essential. The quality of each individual component defines the ability of the final product to serve the purpose for which it was designed. Aware of the particular function of the end product, we at Moval plan with the customer a production process, which carries out strict quality and metrological checks, in order to provide the perfect component suitable for its end use.


Considering the automotive branch, we produce brass components for LPG systems, CNG systems (Natural Gas-Methane) and fittings for brake systems. The deep knowledge of these applications as well as of the automotive branch allows us to supply components with the requested quality standards, guaranteeing accuracy of specific requirements and on-time deliveries.

Other branches

The ability to serve different branches of application has allowed us to acquire a transversal know-how, we can glean from, to improve the development of each project. Over the years we have produced bespoke brass components for several applications such as hose reels, pumps, coffee machines and beverage dispensers. Every detail, we have developed, was a challenge which enabled us to grow and support our continuous improvement.

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