How we support your technical department

In order to guarantee results in line with customer requirements and to produce customised brass components that do not cause problems during assembly, a careful and collaborative approach with the customer’s technical department is essential.

In this context, Moval is a reliable and highly expert technical partner, offering full support for every step of the production process, from the component engineering to the delivery method.

Advanced design and three-dimensional modelling

The first phase of this collaboration focuses on a deep analysis of the customer’s requirements. 

Using advanced design software, our team works tight with the technical department in order to convert the customer’s requirements into highly accurate three-dimensional models

This step allows us to examine every detail of the component to be produced, ensuring that the required specifications are fully understood.

Analysis and optimisation

We then go on to analyse and optimise the production process. 

In particular, at Moval we focus on optimising the quantity of raw material to be used and managing processing times.

The aim is to ensure an efficient process both in terms of the technical and mechanical characteristics of the component and in terms of production costs.

Transparency and sharing

Before putting the part into production, a detailed simulation of the production process is shared with the customer’s technical department. 

This allows any critical issues to be identified and fixed in advance, minimising future problems or delays in delivery.

Metrological control planning

We also agree and share with the customer the metrological checks necessary to ensure that the product meets the required specifications.

These checks are carefully planned, establishing which specific dimensions to monitor and at which frequency to perform the checks. . 

In this way, we can guarantee maximum reliability of the required brass component.


In conclusion, Moval Srl confirms itself as a reference technical partner for the production of customised brass components. 

We are at complete disposal of your technical department, to work together on the most effective ways to produce components that can be perfectly integrated into your production line.