Machining with transfer machines: the advantages

In order to offer an efficient service, in full compliance with the requirements and timelines agreed with the customer, at Moval we use a wide range of transfer machines.

These advanced CNC machines make it possible to perform complex machining operations with extreme precision, offering a number of significant advantages for customers.

Versatility and flexibility

With a single machine and a reduced number of tools, Moval can perform a wide range of machining operations, including drilling, milling and threading

This allows us to quickly adapt the production process to the customer’s specific needs, guaranteeing maximum precision and compliance of the component with the requirements of the technical department.

Control and precision

Transfer machines guarantee a high level of control and precision, thanks to the advanced software used during programming

This is why the components manufactured by Moval are characterised by their reliability and durability, integrating perfectly into customers’ production lines.

The precision of these machines also minimises the amount of scrap material during processing, helping to optimise production costs and reducing the environmental impact of the process.

Timeline optimisation

CNC transfer machines offer the possibility of simultaneous machining in a continuous cycle, allowing Moval to complete projects quickly, enabling customers to meet delivery times and maintain high levels of efficiency throughout the whole supply chain.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable technological partner to perform complex machining on your brass components, at Moval we can efficiently support you.

With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and a deep know-how in the use of transfer machines, we are able to help your technical department to optimise the production process, in terms of timing, quantity of used raw material and production costs.