Surface treatments: how we make the most of your component

In a highly specialised industry such as brass machining, care for details and continuous research are essential.

That is why at Moval we not only make customised brass components but also offer a full range of heat and surface treatments to ensure that each part meets the customer’s technical and aesthetic requirements 100%.

Sandblasting: we prepare for excellence

This process is used to homogenise the surface of the part, preparing it for subsequent treatments.

The slightly rough and homogenous surface obtained by sandblasting improves the adhesion of coatings applied later.

Pickling: deep cleaning

Pickling is an essential step to remove surface impurities from the component and preserve its structural integrity over time.

This treatment allows us to remove oxidation, fouling and other contamination from the surface of products.

Chrome-plating: aesthetics and resistance to corrosion

Chrome-plating is a versatile treatment that we use to give machined components better aesthetics.

Chrome-plating not only gives an attractive and elegant appearance to the brass component, but also helps improve the metal’s resistance to corrosion.

Nickel-plating: maximum protection

Another key surface treatment offered by Moval is nickel-plating, aimed at protecting brass components from wear and corrosion, extending product durability.

Nickel-plated surfaces are also easier to clean and require less maintenance than untreated brass, as they are less sensitive to dirt build-up.

Bright finish: elegance and excellence

Bright finish enables us to eliminate oxidation marks on the surface of brass components.

This treatment gives brass components a shiny, reflective and imperfections-free surface appearance, significantly improving the aesthetics of the material.


Moval’s mission is to realise reliable components that comply with customer requirements.

We are at your complete disposal to help you not only to optimise the production process but also to protect and aesthetically enhance your product.