What “bespoke” means to Moval

Becoming the technical partner of choice for our customers is our mission.

Therefore, we offer a customised service, supporting the customer at every stage of the development and production of its product.

To do this, we collaborate with our customers’ technical department through constant dialogue and a continuous exchange of information, sharing key elements of the production cycle.


It all starts with the simulation of the production process and the mechanical machining to be performed.

Having received the technical specifications of the part as drafts, 2D CAD, 3D CAD or samples, we proceed with the 3D development, so we can ensure that we have every detail of the product we are going to realise under control.

Similarly, moulds and all the tooling equipment that will be needed at each stage of the industrial production are designed.


We then proceed to the optimisation phase, in which we help the customer bring out opportunities to increase process efficiency, optimising raw material use, delivery times and costs, while maintaining the required features and functionalities.

Product Industrialisation

Afterwards, we share with the customer’s technical department the simulation of the product industrialisation, so that we can identify and eliminate criticalities and problems that may arise during the production phase.

We evaluate together with the customers the metrological controls and the frequency with which they should be carried out, as well as the specific dimensions and surfaces to be measured.


Our personalisation-driven process does not end with the finished component, but also includes the packaging and logistics phase.

In fact, we define from the outset how the packaging of the part will take place, as well as how it will be delivered, in order to integrate the part handling phase perfectly into our customers’ business flow.